Clients of Philanthropy North Carolina include:

  • Nonprofits, advocacy groups, membership organizations.
  • Foundations.
  • Higher education.
  • Consulting firms and other businesses serving nonprofits and foundations.

Projects and activities have included:

  • Helping to develop a brand and identity for a community foundation.
  • Providing strategic communications counseling for a community foundation, a large statewide nonprofit, and a statewide research and advocacy group.
  • Writing profiles of students, faculty and alumni for a college capital campaign and university websites.
  • Writing profiles of donors for community foundations and a large national cultural institution.
  • Writing a case statement for a consulting firm on behalf of a nonprofit client.
  • Writing newspaper guest opinion or “op-ed” columns for community foundations and nonprofits.
  • Writing web content for community foundations, nonprofits, universities, a nonprofit consulting firm, and a nonprofit vendor.
  • Writing fundraising letters and a grant application for nonprofits.
  • Writing newsletters for a statewide membership organization, an international relief agency and a nonprofit consulting firm.
  • Writing marketing and fundraising materials for a statewide membership organization.
  • Writing reports on fundraising trends and moderating a webinar for a leading fundraising technology firm.
  • Moderating panel discussions for a regional donors forum.
  • Facilitating a board retreat on strategic planning for a nonprofit.
  • Writing case studies on marketing strategies used by financial advisers.
  • Writing annual reports for a community foundation and a statewide membership organization.
  • Writing a history of a statewide education program.
  • Creating a crisis communications plan for a statewide nonprofit.
  • Writing a strategic plan for a statewide nonprofit.
  • Writing scripts for a nonprofit’s annual event and a nonprofit’s gala.
  • Writing a case study for an international relief  agency on its innovative corporate partnerships.

Todd also speaks on nonprofit trends, fundraising, communications and other issues. Groups he has talked to include:

  • The staff of a community foundation.
  • A quarterly meeting of agencies funded by a major United Way.
  • A work session for college and university vice presidents for advancement and development.
  • Monthly meetings of local chapters of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
  • A work session for executive volunteers who consult with nonprofits.
  • A workshop for nonprofits working on health and nutrition issues.
  • A communications workshop, sponsored by a community foundation, for local nonprofits.

How to reach Todd Cohen:

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