Find common ground to promote collaboration

Charities like to tout their partnerships yet often fail to explain how they actually work and why they matter.

Collaborative partners should work together to develop a story that makes it easy for donors and other supporters to understand the partnership, including the need it addresses, the people it serves, the way it operates, and the difference it makes for its community.

Instead, partners often get bogged down in deciding who gets credit and top billing, and in hyping rather than explaining their respective roles and clearly showing their collective impact

Collaborative work represents a great opportunity to engage donors and other partners in making your community a better place to live and work by showing them exactly why a partnership is greater than the sum of its parts in filling critical gaps in serving people in need.

So if you are part of a collaborative initiative, help people understand why they should care and get involved.

Want professional help?

Philanthropy North Carolina is a consulting practice that provides writing and strategic communications support for nonprofits, foundations, colleges and universities, and others working for social good.

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