Make your case for support make sense

In asking for money for your nonprofit, be clear, direct and brief, and make your case for support compelling.

Use plain language, take the perspective of your donors and funders, and help them understand the need you address and its causes; the people and places you serve; the program you want to fund; and the difference it will make.

Explain — simply — how and why your initiative will work, the indicators you will use to gauge its success, and the impact you expect it to have.

Ultimately, help your donors and funders understand why your initiative will matter, and why they should care.

That will require not only that you make your case clear and help donors understand your nonprofit, what you do and your impact, but also that you understand who your donors and funders are, what they care about, and why they might want to support you.

So write your case for support for them. Do not write to impress your CEO, board chair or peers. Do not load your case statement with data, jargon and technical explanations of the need you are trying to address or the strategy you are using to address it.

When you ask for money, stick the facts, use plain words that are easy to understand, think about your donors, and make it matter to them.

Want help?

Philanthropy North Carolina is a consulting practice that provides writing and strategic communications support for nonprofits, foundations, colleges and universities, and others working for social good.

To find out more about hiring Philanthropy North Carolina to work with your organization to improve your communications, contact Todd Cohen at 919.272.2051 or

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