Millennials value employers that give back

Millennials, or people born after 1979, believe a company’s involvement with a cause is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to apply for a job, a new report says.

Forty-seven percent of more than 1,500 Millennials who were employees at over 300 U.S. companies and participated in a survey by Achieve and the Case Foundation had volunteered for a cause or nonprofit through their workplace in the past month.

Eighty-seven percent of Millennial employees feel encouraged to participate in their company’s cause work, an equal share donated to a nonprofit in 2013, and 92 percent believed they were actively contributing to their company having a positive effect on the world, the Millennial Impact Report says.

“With approximately 80 million Millennials in the world who will soon make up 50 percent of the workforce, thus  generating is already redefining our culture and the workplace,” Derrick Feldmann, CEO at Achieve, says in a statement.

The survey results challenge the “stereotype of this generation as self-centered,” he says.

While what a company makes and sells is the top motivation for Millennials when applying for a job, 53 percent of survey respondents said that, beyond compensation and benefits, having their passions and talents used and fulfilled was the top reason for staying with a company.

Another 20 percent stayed because of a belief in their company’s mission and purpose, and 20 percent stayed because of bonds with co-workers.

Todd Cohen

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