Foundation salaries grow slightly

Most U.S. foundations paid slightly higher salaries in 2013, and women continued to account for most of foundations’ staff  and CEOs, a new report says.

The median salary for full-time jobs at foundations was $74,061, up slightly from 2012, says the 2013 Grantmakers Salary and Benefits Report from the Council on Foundations.

The increase in median salary slightly outpaced the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation over the five years, says the report, which is based on responses to an online survey of 936 grantmakers that reported salaries for a total of 8,404 full-time employees.

The grantmakers represented a total of $249 billion in assets and $15.1 billion in giving in 2012.

More than four-fifths of grantmakers increased salaries in in 2012, nearly nine in 10 planned salary increases for 2013, and just over two in five granted bonuses in 2012, a slight increase from 2011.

Women held 75 percent of full-time jobs at foundations, and accounted for 54 percent of foundation CEOS overall but only one in four CEOs at foundations with $1 billion or more in assets.

Racial and ethnic minorities accounted for 24 percent of foundations’ full-time staff in 2013 and eight percent of foundation CEO’s overall but represented 21 percent of CEOs at foundations with $1 billion or more in assets.

Over two in five foundation staff and 80 percent of foundation CEOs were age 50 or older.

Ninety-nine percent of survey respondents offered voluntary benefits to full-time staff, and nearly two in five respondents extended benefits to domestic partners, up from just under one in three in 2013.

Todd Cohen

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