New index tracks top-performing nonprofits

A web-based index has been launched that is geared to helping donors and funders track nonprofits that are effective at addressing critical social issues.

Launched by the Social Impact Exchange, a national membership association that aims to build a “capital marketplace that scales high-impact social solutions,” the new Social Impact 100 is modeled on the S&P 500 and aggregates “top-performing, evidence-based nonprofits.

The S&I 100 tracks the number of people its portfolio of nonprofits serves, and lets donors give directly to those nonprofits.

Donors can choose from the 100 nonprofits the Index tracks, as well as nearly 16,000 local affiliates that are putting those nonprofits programs into effect to address problems in the areas of education, health, youth and poverty.

The Index screens the 100 nonprofits for “evidence of impact through third-party verified studies” that are available on its website, and are included in the Index “if they have the ability to serve more people in need,” the Social Impact Exchange says in a statement.

Donors can search the site for high-performing nonprofits serving specific problems and locations.

They also can use the site to give directly to those nonprofits.

The Index was designed and developed through a broad, sector-wide collaboration of evaluation firms, ratings firms and other leaders, the Social Impact Exchange says.

Supporters include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Flora Hewlett Foundation and others.

The Social Impact Exchange also is working with donor advised funds, such as Schwab Charitable, to offer the S&I INdex to their philanthropic clients.

Todd Cohen

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  1. Reblogged this on In the Pursuit of Happiness… and commented:
    An interesting endeavor by the nonprofit sector to track the effectiveness of organizations in a business model way. It actually looks like a promising addition to the field of accountability for nonprofits, with groups like Guidestar, to help assure and recruit donors that their kindness is going to work in a real way.

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