Social economy big, growing, changing

Putting private resources to public good is the work of the social economy.

The once-separate worlds of charity, private capital and public policy are changing and merging in the face of social and global crises, sweeping demographic change, and rapid advances in technology.

To succeed in the emerging social economy, charities must build their “capacity” to learn, lead and grow to serve people and places in need.

To work better, charities need to think smarter.

That requires engaged boards and donors, effective leaders and managers, partners that are truly collaborative, and an organization with the vision, business model and resources to turn that vision into results.

It requires understanding the values and interests of prospective donors, volunteers and other partners, and helping them understand community needs.

And it requires developing a clear and simple story that helps people see how supporting your organization will make a difference in the causes they care about.

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