PJ a resource portal for nonprofits

Building on our news coverage of nonprofits and charitable giving, the Philanthropy Journal has expanded to become an online hub for information, resources and job listings for nonprofit professionals.

Developed in partnership with experts on nonprofits and philanthropy, the “Resources” section of our redesigned website at www.philanthropyjournal.org includes how-to articles and information on the topics of fundraising and giving, management and leadership, and marketing and communications.

In addition to original articles our staff writes, the Resources section includes question-and-answer features with experts, articles written by experts, and summaries of articles published elsewhere on the web, with links to those articles.

The Resources section also includes a calendar of professional-development conferences and workshops throughout the U.S. and abroad, and a “Directory of Resources” that features products and services for nonprofits.

Six times a year, PJ publishes special reports that focus on topics such as technology, fundraising and planned giving, and you can find those special reports in our Resources section.

Our “Jobs” section includes job listings for nonprofit professionals, plus articles on human-resources issues.

PJ’s goal is to provide news and information that nonprofit professionals need to do their jobs effectively.

Please let us know about issues that are important to you, and please suggest topics we should write about, as well as experts who can help address those topics.

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